Auto Detailing

Affordable auto detailing solutions in Mesa Arizona & Gilbert Arizona.

Family Owned

Carvocity is family owned business in the Gilbert area.  We pride ourselves on treating every client as if they are a member of our family!

Fewer Chemicals

We don’t want your loved ones to be exposed to any unnecessary unhealthy chemicals. We do everything in our power to minimize any exposure to chemicals and thoroughly clean everything to keep your family safe!

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We pride ourselves on our work and the job isn’t done unless our customers feel the same!  We communicate with our customers via pictures and videos to ensure our customer is included the process.

Our Mission

Our mission at Carvocity is simple! Mixing fully inclusive pricing that doesn’t break you wallet while also giving our customers the convenience of never having to worry about the vehicles needs. We pride ourselves on a simplistic cost with no hidden fee’s. We send updates throughout the detail process in the form of texts and pictures so you know exactly what is happening with your vehicle! Our easy up front costs make vehicle ownership easier to budget and remove surprises.

Interior Details

We know that a lot of your time is spent on the road here in Arizona. Our dusty roads, kids, pets, and family trips play a toll on your interior and can quickly deteriorate your vehicles luster. We offer everything from a quick vacuum and interior wipe down to a full interior scrub down with detail brushes and steam ensuring a full interior decontamination. Contact us today for a free quote!

Ceramic Coatings

The ultimate in Paint Protection. We proudly carry CQuartz Ceramic 2 year coatings that provide the best possible protection money can buy. We offer coatings that protect your Trim, Paint, Exterior plastics, Windows and even Leather interior pieces! Call us today for more information on what Ceramic does for you!

Paint Correction

Light Scratches in your paint? Car just doesnt have the like new appearance it used to? How about Fading and dull looking finish? Paint Correction offers the ability to fix scratches and swirls while bringing back that bright deep wet finish to your paint job. All of our Paint Correction packages include a 6 month Sealant to ensure your finish is protected for months to come!

Maintenance Packages

Whether you are a local realtor wanting to ensure you vehicle stays cleans for those last minute showings or you are in need of an invoice based billing for your fleet of vehicles, we are here to help with you needs. We offer fully customized packages and discounted pricing with any of our long term or bulk maintenance packages.

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